STSilent Free Standing Cabinets

General Concept;

STSilent Free Standing cabinets are designed to perform for the absorbtion of the created noice from the active equipments housed inside the cabinet. While performing a Sound reduction arround the cabinet,
with a Wooden Concept nish ts to the ofce environment perfectly.

STSilent Free Standing Cabinets

The product is designed with W750mm width and D1130mm depth allowing all needs of Data Network Cabling applications, Server and Storage applications.

Mostly in ofce environment, due to created noise levels from enclosure, the people in ofces getting annoyed, stressed, which is effecting performance of people, while there is limitations with the occupational health and safety rules.

Funny things happens in ofces in some cases, all of a sudden a Fan Unit or an active device Switched off by an ofce boy or a personnel. Than the network stops, servers are heated.

Thus; the product range is developped for various ofces, banks, hospitals, labratories , hotels, meeting rooms, conference saloons, with a superior sound reduction performance.

The product is equipped with the most Silent Fan and Ventilation system, max 29-30dB levels, to support the main activity of noise reduction performance.

The product is available in 3 heights as 17U,32U and 42U sizes with W:750mm and D:1130mm. Each cabinet is supplied as standard with a Wood Concept nish on front and top, , steel rear door and side panels, front and rear are lockable.

STSilent series have a professional technical but aesthetic look with decorative wood nish on the front door and roof structure; the product range attracts the attention with the mostly environmentally t and
selected color RAL 9005 Black with ne wrinkle soft touch paint.

Completely standard and stocked product portfolio, being delivered as single piece assembled product, as shipping conguration the adjustable feet group, Heavy Duty Castor Set and H70mm Modular Plinth are

STSilent series product range with optimal panel mounting size, and a variety range of accesorries enclose the whole expectation of users.


STSilent Free Standing Cabinets

Main Frames;

Multi Folded Automated Bending technology applied monoblock side panel/frame system, provides a heavy duty structure results to high load capacity of: 1000 kgs.
Monoblock multi folded top and bottom cases, tighty xed to the side panel/frame system with xing hardware , fully modular system generated.

Cable Entry;

Bottom case integrated with Wide cable entry point provides maximum versality. The rubber edged sliding mechanism on the cable entry point at bottom with w=350mmxd=250mm allows large cabling infrastructure applications. On rubber edged sliding mechanism max cable entry openning is w=350xd=150mm. After inserting the cables, the rubber edged mechanism holds and xes the cables in parallel preventing the cabinet from dust entry.

Front Door ( Melamine Coated Chipboard);

Front Door , Wardrobe Style Double Opening, 18mm Thickness, Melamine Coated Chipboard, with integrated Barrel locking mechanism on top.

Rear Door (Solid Metal);

  • Rear Door, is Double Skin, Metal, Sound emitting isolation material on the surface of both skins, integrated with Handled Locking Unit.
  • Rear Door is also carrying a 3 Way Fan Module integration area, while the hot air exhaust openings are available in both left and right sides of the rear door.

FAN Module Integration Capacities per U height;

  • 17U Rear door, has 1x3 Way Thermostat Controlled Integrated Fan Module, with 2 pcs hot air exhaust openings included in shipping conguration.
  • 32U Rear door, has 2x3 Way Thermostat Controlled Integrated Fan Module, with 4 pcs hot air exhaust openings included in shipping conguration.
  • 42U Rear door, has 3x3 Way Thermostat Controlled Integrated Fan Module, with 6 pcs hot air exhaust openings included in shipping conguration.

Side Panels;

There are narrow side panels, which are lockable and removable with barrel locking. Single Skin Narrow Side Panels are also covered with Sound emitting isolation material. From narrow door, an access to vertical PDU housing is possible. There are wide side panels, which are main frame function of the enclosure which are double skin. Both skins of the panel are covered with Sound emitting isolation material.

PDU Integration and capacities per U height;

  • 17U cabinet, has at both sides a 19’’ PDU vertical assembly location.
  • 32U cabinet, has at both sides 2pcs 19’’ PDU vertical assembly location. And a 32U vertical PDU can be housed.
  • 42U cabinet, has at both sides 2pcs 19’’ PDU vertical assembly location. And a 42U vertical PDU can be housed.
  • All of those PDU assembly to cabinet is vertically where 0U rack space occupied. Even tough any 19’’ standard PDU can be assembled at the 19’’ rails.

19’’ Mounting Rails;

19’’ rails of STSilent Series Free Standing cabinets are with automated silk-screen U numbering, depends on size 1U to 42U, same from top to bottom or bottom to top results to same U height selection. No matter from where you have started counting. 19’’ rails are 4 fold bending surfaces, 2,0mm thickness provides the high load capacities. The 19’’ rails are made of steel with 8-12 micron zinc plating for corrosion  resistance. 19’’ rails are adjustable in depth.

Vertical Cable Management Panels, and brushed cable passage in Front;

Ready Vertical Cable Management Panel all height in front 1set=2pcs left / right is in shipping conguration. Vertical Cable Management Panels allows better cable management with integrated Aluminium rings
88x60mm , also there is 70x145mm brushed cable passage openings in between the rings to pull the cable bundles to the rear side of the cabinet.

Top Cover;

Top Wood Concept cover is 30mm thickness, Melamine coated Chipboard material gives a better t to the ofce environment.
Top Cover is xed from inside the cabinet, can not be detached from outside, fully secure and sturdy. In parallel helps to have a furniture perception.
Any kind of ofce tools , equipments, like Photocopier, printers, or folder boxes , book shelves positioned on top.

Plinth, Leveling Feet Group, Caster Set;

The STSilent cabinet equipped with heavy duty caster set, leveling Feet Group, as well 70mm high already integrated Plinth.
Once the leveling feet functioned, the castors will come off , and nal structured cabinet in its place will securely positioned.
Caster and Leveling feet groups are totally recessed, so would not be seen outside

Melamine Coated Chipboard;

Melamine Coated Chipboard;

The material can be selected from offered options as below:
O-Oak, C-Cherry, B-Beech, T-Teak, W-Walnut,M-Maple (Maple is standard stock chipboard option)
EN 14322; Wood-based panels. Melamine faced boards for interior uses. Denition, requirements and classication; E1 quality level, Formaldehyde Emmision E1 level, European Standard, classied as non Toxic.
Indoor air concentration is less than 0,1 ppm ( parts per million)

Sound Emitting Isolation Material;


High Density Sound Emitting material, in medium, high and low frequency segments, exy type with most well ventilation allowance hole spacing allows for best sound emitting performance.

  • Load Capacity: 1000 kgs.
  • 75-100 kg/m3
  • Non Flammable; (BS 476 Part 6 Class 0, Part 7 Class 1)
  • Hallogen Free
  • Anti-Fungus
  • For acustic and sound emmitting applications

Sound Emitting Performance;

All design features provide you strength and 4 way access to your enclosure and equipments, easy to reach to enclosure and equipments for all infrastucture installations and maintenance needs. Also to function with the intend of having a super-t in environment while providing the best sound emitting performance.

Lock, Plinth, Cable Entry, Castor Set, Leveling Feet, Hot Air Exhaust

Fan System, Cable Passage brushes, Cable management Rings


Covered all doors and panels, in between the double skins, and internal side of the inner skins.