STbox Slim Network Wall Mounting Cabinets

STbox SLIM Wall Mounting Cabinet Features , Construction Details:

Monoblock construction provides better stability.

The STbox SLIM Wall Mounting is for that situation where quick access to the equipment is of primar importance. It is designed to house 19" standard mounting devices, in environmentally fit needs especially in Residential applications and villas, modern and elegant offices, hotel reception and living areas.

The STbox SLIM Wall Mounting cabinet offers an assembly-friendly solutions for numeroues applications in the field of network technology and electronics.

The 3U +5U :8U STbox SLIM Wall Mounting cabinet Front door is splitted metal front door, with barrel lock on top and bottom. Alternatively single monoblock polycarbonate front door with single barrel locking unit.

Cable access

*Multiple knock-out cable entry points on top and bottom with 40x104mm size .

3U+5U=8 U version
19’’ Rails have with multiple configuration inside the cabinet

3U 19’’ rails are reversible at 90 degree from vertical to horizontal position.

3U 19’’ rails are movable to connect to 5U 19’’ rails to create full length 8U long 19’’ rails.

5U 19’’rails are sliding up down position on a 20mm sliding channel.

*** All 19’’ rails are connected to cabinet with wing nuts, which give advantage of toolless application at site works.

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