Fiber Optic Connectivity

Optical Fiber Assemblies

STARTECH Bilgi Teknolojileri has started to present best and high quality fiber optic Patch Cords and Pigtails and Breakout Cable Assemblies. Single Mode and Multi Mode Patch Cords and Pigtails and Breakout Cable are used for telecom network and also used for high speed metropolitan and access network.

Fiber Optic Patch Panel 
STARTECH Bilgi Teknolojileri has started to present best and high quality fiber optic patch panels. There are 13 Groups(85 Products) of these Fiber Termination (Patch/Splice Panel) with capacity of 1 unit + 12 Cores to 2 Units + 144 Cores. Some of the models come with fixed front panels and in some others the front panel can be changed according to customer needs.The Optical Slide 1RU and 2RU Sliding Patch Panel System in its basic form is supplied with the panels unloaded without adaptors ready for you to install the adaptor of your choice.

Fiber Optic Wall Boxes
he Startech’s Opti Boxes Fiber Termination Patch/Splice Box is designed for use as a wall mount interconnect point where termination and connectivity from 6 up to 96 Core Fibers is desired.

Telecom Cabinets 
This cabinets is integrated with service, power supply, monitoring, temperature control, and cable distribution units.The compact design requires less installation costs and space. They can be installed quickly on site to satisfy the demand for quick networking.


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